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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Woman Saves Drowning Baby Bird While Man Shouts & Laughs from Riverbank

Donna Boden of the UK was recently enjoying an afternoon at a pub near the river when she noticed that a baby bird had fallen into the water and could not get out. Watching the fledgling thrash and struggle, Donna knew she had only one course of action. She readied herself to travel across the muddy water to help the bird near the opposite bank and little did she know, she was about to become a victim herself.

Beautiful footage of Donna’s bravery captured by a bystander is sullied by the monstrous cackles and taunts of a man who harassed Donna throughout the rescue. He roars with laughter as Donna tries to swim rather than walk because the broken glass on the river’s bottom is a danger to her feet. And when Donna finally reaches the grass again, there is a long pause and Donna pleads for someone to take the bird from her hands. Sadly, no one helps her pull herself back out of the deep water despite the fact that she is cold and exhausted.

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