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Monday, 17 June 2013

LEGO Bird Series

created by DeTomaso on 2012.05.14
Love LEGO? Love Birds? Love LEGO Birds.

So far I have created a series of birds from Europe, North America, Oceana and a tropical series. I have just started a new series from South America. I tried to make them look as life like as possible.

The plan is to build a series of birds for each continent of the world, that way everybody can have the chance to own their favourite native bird in LEGO form.

There will be approximately seven birds per series. This may change if there are more birds I'd like to build which is most likely.

In an ideal world I would like each bird to be sold separately with a little scene/perch and a little plaque with information about the specific bird. I think it would be a bonus to have a soundbrick somewhere in the build with the relevent birds song or call.

I find birds a great subject to build with LEGO (being a gardener and bird lover, I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner) I also think that if these birds were turned into official sets they would be inspirational to both children and adults. 

I really enjoy matching the different colours and features of our beautiful feathered friends and I hope that one day anybody else can have the chance to build their own bird from LEGO. 

To see the birds I've built so far in more detail click on their name, but please don't forget to support the project before you go elsewhere. Once you've supported please re check my page to see if you are actually "supporting" the project.

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