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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Reusable chicken nappies the next big thing at Burwood Bird & Animal Hospital as popularity of pet chickens grows

February 25, 2016 7:00am
Allison HardingMonash Leader

BACKYARD chooks are strutting out of their coops and into their owners’ houses.

They’re reclining on armchairs, nestling into beanbags, and even curling up on beds.

And while experts insist that chickens can be toilet trained, accidents do happen. Chook nappies, it seems, are the solution.

Burwood avian vet Phil Sacks has been selling the $24 cotton nappies from his clinic for the past six months, and is about to start selling online. His customers — and probably their chooks — are delighted with the reusable product, which are imported from the Dominican Republic.

“Chicken diapers are popular in the US, but are just starting to take off here as more people like having chickens in their homes,” Dr Sacks said. “They are intelligent, responsive, friendly and interactive pets.”

Dr Sacks said chickens, just like parrots, can learn to “poop on demand” through positive reinforcement — but the machine-washable nappies, which are fastened over the chicken’s tail feathers — provide a great safety net for birds still in training or not able to master the skill.

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