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Monday 7 August 2017

VIDEO: Rare albino sparrow spotted in Perthshire garden

July 12 2017, 6.58amUpdated: July 12 2017, 9.06am

A rare albino sparrow has been captured on camera in a Perthshire garden.

John Anderson spotted the tiny white creature at his Dunning property after it fell out of its nest.

Pure white birds like the sparrow are rare.

He was able to capture it on film as the parents attempted to feed it but it was unable to fly back to its nest.

“I first noticed it last week, he said. “I’m not an expert on birds but I see a lot of them in my garden and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

“We do get a few house sparrows in the eaves of the building and I think one of its siblings must have pushed it out of the nest for fear it would attract predators.

“It was under a bush under one of the nests. We kept an eye on it but we were worried foxes would get it in the night, but it was still there the next morning. The mother would come along and feed it every so often.”

Sadly, the fledgling only survived for a few days.

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