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Friday 10 August 2018

Pair of endangered Bali mynah birds make their debut at John Ball Zoo

Updated Jul 17; Posted Jul 16

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - More than a thousand Bali mynahs are known to live in zoos but only about 50 are still in the wild. Two of them made their debut at the John Ball Zoo this week.

The rare birds came from the Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago. Bali mynahs are known as some of the most critically endangered species of birds in the world.

Bali mynahs are from the starling family because of their pure white feathers, except for the black tips on their wings and tail. They also have a featherless, sky-blue eye patch and feather crest on their heads.

Their majestic appearance is the same for both male and female Bali Mynah birds. The unique birds also have a hidden talent, mimicking sounds of other animals, including humans.

Their unique traits and elegant features have resulted in a demand for illegal trade of Bali mynahs, creating a conservation crisis for the birds.

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