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Thursday 29 November 2012

‘Feed the birds’ plea as natural feed sources dwindle for the winter

Many garden birds need feeding, especially after such bad weather. Even magpies.

BSA issues plea for kind people everywhere to help garden birds through the winter

November 2012. The Birdcare Standards Association - the only UK organisation to provide standards for the quality of birdfeed and accessories sold in the UK - has issued a plea to garden bird lovers across the country to feed the birds this winter - starting now.

Atrocious wet weather
Most garden birds supplement the majority of their naturally occurring feed stuffs with the seed mixes and fatballs and other products put out in gardens by kind homeowners across the UK - but this year they will be even more reliant on the scraps and the quality birdfeed put out for them due to the atrocious and wet weather we've experienced this year.

"The very wet weather particularly in the spring has caused major problems for many garden birds naturally occurring food and many bushes that carry berries that birds eat in the very cold weather have already been stripped before the end of November, highlighting the difficult situation they will experience when the really cold weather comes along," says Birdcare Standards Association CEO Steve Paddock. "Sadly we lose a lot of garden birds during the winter anyway and if we are not to see that number getting even higher over the next few weeks, we need to offer them help in the form of some good quality, nutritious feed products that they can get hold of easily in our gardens. We recommend using products that carry the BSA logo because they meet our standards for quality and we know that the birds will benefit from the feed they eat."

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