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Friday, 3 May 2013

Minerva the owl is a real head turner: Bird spins her head 180 degrees during photoshoot

This owl may have been left wondering if turning her head completely upside down was a very wise thing to do. 

The intrigued bird spun her head around as she listened to a camera busily snapping away at her. 

The owl, called Minerva, twisted her head in confusion and continued until it had moved a full 180 degrees.

Owls cannot move their eyes in their sockets because of their large size that enable them to catch prey in the dark. 

Therefore, they rely on a deceptively long and flexible neck that enables them to rotate their heads. 

As the sound continued Minerva turned her head a full 180 degrees

The birds can move their head up to 270 degrees in either direction to see their surroundings. 

Photographer Lisa Kee, 48, caught the painful-looking pose on camera. 

She said it was the first time she had seen an owl fully rotate their head. 

Ms Kee said: 'Minerva was turning her head from side to side quite intrigued with the noise from my camera and then just flipped it upside down.

'I have watched birds of prey turn their heads all different ways but to see one completely upside down like this was a first. 

'I had to double check my camera to see it actually happened.

'The photo has become my most popular I have ever taken over the years.

'I get many compliments but also people who think it's not real and that I photoshopped it because it is so unusual.

'That's not the case and I'm pleased I had my camera with me that day to capture something so funny.'

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