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Tuesday 1 October 2013

Staten Island Zoo's Crowdfunding Effort To Buy Unusual Birds

The Staten Island Zoo has launched an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to raise enough money for a shiny new bird: a cassowary. Two cassowaries, in fact. All they need is $20,000 or so—that's a small price to pay for... the opposite of freedom.

It's not like a cassowary can fly anyway. According to zoo curator Marc, the birds are "huge and beautiful... they're the second largest bird in the world and quite dangerous; however, their numbers are declining in the tropical forests of Australia & New Guinea. How could something so incredible and large be losing the battle to exist? Because, so few people know about them! As a zoo we have the incredible responsibility to inform the public about the status of animals in the wild. Therefore, we would like to bring a pair of cassowary to one of the most populous regions in the world: New York City. The Staten Island Zoo will be committed to exhibiting and breeding the species. With increased visitation to see the rare creature, we can secure their existence on this planet."

Since they're so rare, private breeders and other zoos are selling them for around $7,500 each, which is where your money would be going. [via DNAInfo]

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