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Monday 28 December 2015

Fly like a bird! Life-like simulator recreates the wind, sights, and even SMELLS of flight and is based on human dreams

Birdly machine has goggles uploaded with real city skylines that user sees
Canisters release smells - like salt or smoke - that relate to the landscape
User flaps and angles body to climb or descend and fan blows air into face
May be used as therapy for disabled as is so real it gave one user vertigo 

PUBLISHED: 12:13, 4 December 2015 | UPDATED: 13:10, 4 December 2015

A futuristic simulator which claims to recreate the experience of flying like a bird over America could soon go into production.  

The Birdly simulator is now touring American cities and stimulates all of the senses to give a sense of flying based on human dreams, its inventor claims.

Users lie down flat on their stomachs to use the machine and angle their bodies up and down to dive or ascend, as it blows wind into their face with appropriate force.

They also strap on goggles, programmed with life-like visuals of American cities that allow them to observe real skylines and landscapes below.

The simulator even recreates smells that relate to the landscape below, with machines bellowing out a salt-air aroma as the user flies over the sea, and more industrial odors above the city.

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