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Thursday 10 March 2016

Swan warden Derek Davey speaks out as birds injured by barbed fishing hooks at Radipole Lake

Oscar Tollast, Senior Reporter / Saturday 5 March 2016 / News

ANOTHER swan has been rescued after getting its beak caught on a barbed hook.

Swan warden Derek Davey, who oversees Radipole Lake, has spoken out after saving a second swan in a matter of weeks.

Mr Davey said he fears this is something that would happen more and more.

Discussing the latest incident, he said: “I got a call on Sunday from the RSPB of a swan in distress.

“It had a hook and a line through its mouth.

“We managed to catch it. Upon examination it had a barbed hook stuck in the roof of its mouth quite deep.

“The float which was two inches from the hook prevented the swan from feeding.”

With assistance from Weymouth Wildlife Rescue, Mr Davey said the hook was removed before the swan was set free again.

He said: “I’ve noticed an increase in the use of the barbed hooks on Radipole Lake. Barbed hooks are banned.

“I had a swan last week with a barbed hook in the neck.

“The only way to get it out is to put it through the flesh, cut the barb and pull it out.”

Mr Davey suggested the swan may confuse the plastic floats attached to hooks with food.

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