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Monday, 17 September 2012

Foul-Mouthed Fowl

A beautiful waterfront neighborhood in Warwick is the scene of an ugly dispute: a battle between neighbors centered on a cussing cockatoo. Kathleen Melker and her boyfriend, Craig Fontaine, live next door to Fontaine's ex-wife, Lynne Taylor, and her cockatoo.
The houses are about 50 feet apart.
The bird is in big trouble, for apparently saying profanities.
Melker said she recorded a video of the bird swearing to prove a pattern of harassment that goes back more than a year.
Taylor was ticketed for an animal noise violation.
She's fighting a $15 fine in municipal court.
Warwick police said they've been to the residence to deal with the dispute at least two dozen times in the past few months.
They've filled a binder at least three inches thick with police reports and complaints.
Police said both neighbors have restraining orders against each other.
They've complained about everything from throwing rocks and spraying hoses to a large mural of the cockatoo painted on a ramshackle building outside Taylor's home.
The bird's portrait has since been painted over.

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