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Friday 28 September 2012

Recordings of birds at airport loud, annoying but effective

TULSA, Okla. —
Visitors to Tulsa International Airport can't help but notice the loud, incessant and unceasing bird sounds playing outside the terminal.

Some wonder just what they are, and Alexis Higgins with the Tulsa Airport Authority says they regularly get questions about them.

"We'll see on Facebook or Twitter where people have commented regarding the bird noises. Some people think it sounds like a monkey."

Higgins says they're recordings of bird distress calls, and if played at high enough volume they prevent other birds from nesting in the area.

"We've tried turning it down a little bit, because it is annoying. But it's not as effective once the volume is decreased," she says.

The airport obtained the recordings and began using them several years ago, shortly after canopies were built outside the terminal and over some parking areas.

"We don't want birds leaving their droppings all over vehicles and people," Higgins told KRMG.

She added, "the maintenance of having to clean up after birds is quite costly, and its honestly pretty disgusting."

The Airport Authority remains open to any other suggestions that might get the job done without subjecting customers to the noisy squawking.

Log on to our Facebook page or through Twitter and tag us," Higgins said. "We'll definitely explore all options."

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