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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lone mother swan struggling to bring up her flock - UPDATE

Mute swan single mother bringing up the kids on her own

June/July 2013. Mute swans are reasonably common and widespread across the UK, but we have not had one on our local pond since we have been here (10 years) until 2013. Earlier this year, a pair took up residence, and duly produced a clutch of eggs amongst the vegetation on the small island. 
The swan's mate was killed shortly after she laid her eggs when
 he flew into a power line. Photo Copyright Wildlife Extra

Tragically, shortly after the eggs were laid, the male (Cob) swan flew into some overhead cables and was killed, leaving the mother (Pen) to look after her eggs and then to bring up the cygnets by herself. 

June 13th. So far, the pen has proved an exemplary mother, hatching all 8 eggs (on about 17th May) and managing to keep all of her cygnets alive for the first 2 weeks. 

July 13th. A month on, and the super mum has done incredibly well. All 8 cygnets still exist, which is extraordinary. The cygnets are growing strongly, and will soon become a considerable force in their own right. Just yesterday a heron landed nearby, but was given very short shrift by mum.

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