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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Fighting Peregrine Falcons smash through office window

3:05PM, MON 7 APR 2014
- last updated Mon 7 Apr 2014

National Grid workers in Birmingham have had quite a shock, when two duelling birds of prey smashed through their office window.

Employees based in Windsor Street, Aston, scattered after the Peregrine Falcons careered into the glass, leaving shards of glass strewn over the carpet.

One worker put on heavy industrial gloves to protect himself from their razor sharp talons.

One bird was released from the broken window, and the other taken outside, but both were unhurt.

A National Grid spokeswoman said:

“The birds were understandably dazed and workers were shocked.

“Thankfully, the falcons landed in a corridor area, quite a bit away from the 12 staff.”

A pair of peregrines have nested for years on top of 150 feet tall gas holders above the National Grid building, but workers say a third bird has recently arrived, before the dramatic aerial battle.

Stunned employees watched as the warring birds tumbled through the sky, talons locked, before smashing through the windows.

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