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Sunday 12 July 2015

Australian Birds Threatened Due to Habitat Loss

A study from several Australian conservation groups has found that there is no plan in place to help the threatened birds.
Cari Jorgensen

A recent study conducted by BirdLife Australia, Australian Conservation Foundation and Environmental Justice Australia concluded that the primary threat to Australia’s endangered animals is habitat loss. In the past 200 years, 50 species have gone extinct and about half of the country’s forests have become fragmented or cut down altogether to make room for housing and other developments, The Guardian reports, resulting in 1,764 Australian species listed as at-risk. The study found that 90% of the most endangered of those species have nothing in place to stop the loss of their homes from occurring.

According to The Guardian, "recovery plans consistently avoid any measures to limit habitat loss.” The Australian Conservation Foundation policy coordinator, James Trezise, finds this worrisome. "Recovery plans can bind future decision making for governments,” Trezise told The Guardian. "We’ve seen examples where scientific advice has been given to governments on habitat loss, such as the swift parrot in Tasmania, and it has been ignored. We know that land clearing is a key threat and recovery plans need to state unambiguously that the best bits of remaining bush should be left intact.”

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