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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Dive-Bombing Birds Attacking Houston Neighborhood

June 30, 2015 8:40 AM

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) — Aggressive birds are attacking any and all humans caught walking along the 800 block of Beverly in the Heights neighborhood of Houston.

Homeowners, mail workers and visitors to the Heights area say they’ve been the victims of unprovoked dive-bombing bird attacks, KHOU-TV reports. Heights homeowners say they’ve been giving the birds space, temporarily handing over the corner of Beverly and 9th to the birds.

“I felt something hit my back and I was like what was that,” said Eliana Crenshaw-Gibbs. “I turn around and see the bird coming at me, so I start running.”

“It doesn’t choose everyone,” said Crenshaw-Gibbs. “You got to be special.”

Another neighbor told KHOU that he made extended eye contact with one of the birds before running the other way.

“I felt it hit my back and I turn around, and it’s looking right at me, so I broke off in a sprint,” said Victor Valenzuela. “I’ve seen it happen to a bunch of people, the UPS guy, my girlfriend walks by – she gets attacked.”

The KHOU reporter who visited the scene of the feathery fighters, Marcelino Benito, is even shown having to run from the dive-bombing birds. Neighbors say the angry birds are likely just protecting a nest of baby birds in a large tree above the street.

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