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Friday, 2 October 2015

Giant bald eagle that can kill a toddler escapes and is on the loose

14:30, 1 OCT 2015
UPDATED 16:06, 1 OCT 2015

The massive bird, who has an incredible 7ft wingspan, flew off after finishing a demonstration at Raptor Centre in Groombridge, Kent

Parents are being warned to keep small children inside after a bald eagle went missing that is so big it can kill a toddler.

The massive bird, who has an incredible 7ft wingspan and three-inch-long razor-sharp talons, flew off after finishing a demonstration.
Helga the bald eagle
Helga went missing from the Raptor Centre in Groombridge, Kent, on Tuesday afternoon.

Now locals fear for the safety of their pets and children - because bald eagles dive-bomb prey at 99mph.

A local resident, who has five Jack Russell terriers and a six-year-old, said: "I'm definitely keeping them all inside.

"I don't think our child is at risk, but I definitely don't want some giant bird swooping down and carrying off one of my dogs.

"They're like family to me. I hope they catch this menace before tragedy strikes.

"The sad thing is, the bird will only be doing what comes naturally to it - I just don't want to see anyone lose their pets or an eye, so I would urge everybody to keep their small loved ones inside."

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