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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Russ crow refuses to leave saviour who cared for him after falling from tree

22:57, 21 OCT 2015
UPDATED 22:58, 21 OCT 2015

The bird - named after actor Russell Crowe - was taken under Warren Home's wing three months ago but the 53-year-old now says he's a 'prisoner in his own home'

An injured crow is refusing to leave the rescuer who took him under his wing.

Russ, named after Aussie actor Russell Crowe, gets in a flap whenever he is left alone.

Warren Home has been caring for the young bird ever since it fell from a nest three months ago.

But when he tried to hand him over to a sanctuary, Russ went berserk.

Warren, 52, said: “There is an aviary about eight miles from here and I tried get them to take it off my hands, but after four hours they were on the phone begging me to take it back.

“I could hear it screaming down the phone and apparently it had been like that since it left.

“The fella said the bird was going mad and he was scared it might hurt itself. It was obviously distressed but as soon as it came back to my house it calmed down immediately.

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