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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Choosing a national bird for Canada.

By Marc Montgomery |
Wednesday 31 August, 2016 

Almost everyone knows the bald eagle as the national bird of the United States.   Other species of eagle have been chosen for several countries, including Spain, Philippines, Mexico and others.  Lesser known ones perhaps are the national bird of the UK: European robin, while for Bolivia it’s the condor.

While many might think the Canada goose is Canada’s official bird, Canada actually doesn’t have an official bird

The process to change that is going on right now in hope of naming one for Canada’s 150th birthday next year.

Canada is home to some 450 bird species and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS)  is asking Canadians for their choice in “The National Bird Project”. 

The common loon, also featured on Canada’s one dollar coin, is currently leading with over 11,000 votes. That’s followed by the snowy owl at over 7,000.

Federally Canada has been a bit slow in choosing a national bird whereas the provinces have already chosen some of the more popular possibilities.

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