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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Hurricane Matthew - people have died but for birdwatchers there's going to be a bonanza

7 October 2016, 15:43

The tragic loss of life and property in the aftermath of massive hurricanes brings a boon to birdwatchers

Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on the USA and in it's wake people have already died, but for birdwatchers it seems there will be a bonanza. Tragic loss of life and property is not something people wish for, but birdwatchers know there will be a boon. eBird reported last month that massive and destructive hurricanes bring joy to the hearts of birdwatchers. "The want for massive, untamed hurricanes," appears to be a "strange yearning" amongst the fraternity. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew many of them will get a chance to see rare birds that have been carried in on the storm. Apart from storm-chasers and weather people, birders must be one of the few groups who actually want a hurricane to happen. 

Birds caught up in the eye of the storm
When WSB TV covered the news that flocks of seagulls and other birds were trapped inside the eye of Hurricane Matthew, they said that it was a rare thing to see. The video clearly showed the birds as a blob of green and yellow.

However, according to bird lovers who know what there is to know about birds, it is not really rare. What is rare is to see the blob in the eye of the storm and a newscaster talking about weird bird events. Those not in the know about the habits of flying feathered ones find it spooky and more than little strange.

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