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Friday, 14 October 2016

New Zealand's plan to save the kiwi

3 October 2016

Some 100,000 wild kiwi could be roaming New Zealand in less than 15 years, according to a new government plan.

The Kiwi Recovery Plan 2017-2027 by the Department of Conservation is an attempt to scale up efforts to New Zealand's national icon.

Kiwi numbers have been falling at around 2% a year, largely due to predators such as stoats and dogs.

Once numbering in the millions, there are now only an estimated 68,000 kiwi remaining in the wild.

"This government is not prepared to accept that our national bird is at any ongoing risk of potentially becoming extinct in their natural habitat," said Conservation Minister Maggie Barry.

So what exactly is the plan?
"This strategy focuses on growing the wild kiwi population, rather than steadying or managing decline," added Ms Barry.

As well as increasing numbers, the plan will also restore the birds' formerly safe habitats.
"It is possible to bring kiwi back from endangered to everywhere," says the report.

Success lies in managing kiwi predators.
Dogs are one of the biggest threats, with a single dog capable of setting back years of conservation work in an area. 

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