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Monday, 12 March 2018

Geese to be banned from Regent's Park Boating Lake because visitors keep slipping over

5 MARCH 2018 • 6:30PM

Geese are to be banned from one of Britain's most popular public parks, because visitors keep slipping over. 

There are plans to erect a fence around the Regent's Park Boating Lake, to stop up to 400 Canada Geese flocking there in June to moult. 

Royal Parks, which runs the park, has been criticised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) for seeking to push nature into "a smaller and smaller space". 

Canada Geese cannot fly during the six-week annual moulting process, which sees them shed old feathers and regrow new ones between June until mid-July. 

During this flightless period, the geese must be near open water so as to quickly escape any predators on land.

Regent's Park is understood to see goose numbers rocket over this period, from around 40 year-round to 400 in summer.

The RSPB hit out at the move and said it could cause "distress" to end access for birds who are have become used to returning to the same spot "for years."

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