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Friday 14 September 2018

Rare hoopoe bird ruffles feathers in West Swindon

10th September

A MOHICAN feathered visitor struck an unusual sight in Grange Park gardens, bringing keen birdwatchers to West Swindon.
Tanya Hill first spotted the hoopoes in her Poynings Way garden on Friday, prodding its beak into her lawn in search of ants.
The mum-of-one said: “It was beautiful to watch, slow moving and placid.”
Normally found in Africa or southern Europe, hoopoes are about the size of a magpie. The long-beaked birds have orange plumage, with a black and white pattern on their wings. A crown of feathers sticks up around an inch from their heads.
While it is uncommon to find hoopoes in the UK, they sometimes get blown off-course as they migrate from Africa to Europe.
Tanya posted a picture of the bird onto the West Swindon Facebook page on Saturday: "I wondered if it had been a baby bird and if anyone else had seen it."
A message was also sent to thousands of keen birdwatchers through programme Rare Bird Alert.
By Sunday, there were a dozen birdwatchers touring quite suburban streets in the hope of spotting the hoopoe.
“If you looked out the back windows there was the bird,” Tanya said. “If you looked out of the front windows there were birdwatchers.”

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