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Friday 28 December 2018

Bittern breeds on Isle of Wight for the first time


For the first time, Eurasian Bittern has bred successfully on the Isle of Wight. The species has never been recorded breeding on the island before but this year – which has been the best ever for Eurasian Bittern in Britain – wardens at RSPB Brading Marsh observed regular feeding flight during summer and photos of a possibly fledgling were obtained.
Staff at the reserve heard booming bird during spring for the first time, and the observations noted during summer have led the RSPB to reveal they are confident that birds successfully bred at the newly restored wetland. Keith Ballard, warden of RSPB Brading Marshes said: "Hearing a booming bittern on a wetland reserve is like receiving a Michelin star as a restaurant; it’s one of the highest marks of success we could hope for.
"Eurasian Bitterns have very selective habitat needs, and to attract them you need a truly thriving ecosystem. The work we have done to manage the reserve for insects, fish, reptiles and mammals, as well as birds, now means we have one of the most UK’s most sensitive species choosing to raise its young on the Isle of Wight."

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