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Sunday 23 December 2018

Chilling moment dozens of crows surround bizarre UFO in sky

HUNDREDS of crows were spotted circling a mysterious black object, sparking concerns of an alien invasion online.

By Emmet McGonagle / Published 20th December 2018

In the footage, a giant murder of crows can be seen circling a strange object in the sky.

The birds fly rapidly back and forth in the suburban street, leading one witness to conclude the phenomenon must be the result of “aliens”.

The terrifying clip was posted online by theorist Seed To Shatter, but has gained viral status thanks to conspirators Blake and Brett Cousins.

In a video posted to their YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, Blake maintains the birds were attracted by “a magnetic field surrounding the unusual object”.

The theorist questions whether the object could just be a balloon, but quickly changes his mind as it doesn’t explain why the birds would have such a strong response to the object.

Estimating the object to be between 15-25 feet long, the pair conclude the object is indeed a UFO.

And viewers agree the object is “extraterrestrial”.

One viewer pointed out the crows are “incredibly disturbed” by the eerie object floating among them in the sky.

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