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Friday, 10 May 2019

Cats should be banned from going outside to protect birds, says Royal Parks conservation officer

Pet cats should be banned from venturing outside to stop them killing birds, according the Conservation Officer for the Royal Parks in London.
Tony Duckutt, who has overseen Regent Park’s rare birds since 1978, said cats are the cause of many bird deaths.
“These so-called pets shouldn't be allowed to roam freely, s******* in other people's gardens, killing birds or just putting them off,” he told The Telegraph.
“The owners have no right spoiling other people's enjoyment.”
“I'd love to take their s*** back and scatter it over their owners garden.”
 "It's so wrong. The law again fails to defend the the home owner.
“As well as killing millions of birds they have brought the Scottish Wildcat to the edge of extinction."
However, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home told the paper: "Cats are naturally independent and territorial animals that enjoy exploring their surroundings and marking an area as their own.  
“Outdoor access provides great opportunities to display natural, normal feline behaviours including roaming and hunting to help stimulate and engage cats and support their emotional and physical wellbeing.

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