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Thursday 9 May 2019

Great Indian Hornbill photographed within Coonoor town

UPDATED: APRIL 12, 2019 07:35 IST
Records right from 1839 reveal that the birds have never been recorded within or near the town
A Great Indian Hornbill, a rare bird species, was documented probably for the first time within Coonoor town in the Nilgiris by birdwatchers on Wednesday.
The bird, which is known to populate the lower slopes of the Nilgiris up to an elevation of around 1,200 meters above mean sea level, came as a surprise to birdwatchers and conservationists, as the Hornbill is an elusive species which tends to steer clear of major towns and human habitations.
The bird was photographed by wildlife enthusiasts Samantha Iyanna and P. J. Vasanthan, both Coonoor residents.
Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Vasanthan said that the Great Hornbill, which is the largest of four Hornbill species seen in the Nilgiris, had not been documented in or around Coonoor town limits. “Perusal of birding and spotting records right from 1839 reveal that Hornbills have never been recorded within or near the town,” he said, adding that this “rare occurrence,” needs to be analysed further.

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