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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Bird 'Arrested’' By Dutch Police On Shoplifting Charge And Twitter Can’t Keep Calm!

10/02/19 AT 9:19 AM

Bird behind bars? Yes, you read it right. In an unusual incident, the Dutch police recently arrested a tiny parakeet bird and placed it in custody after its owner was arrested for shoplifting.

As the feathered creature was a partner-in-crime, sitting on the offender’s shoulder when he violated the law, the police had no option but to "arrest" the adorable birdie. The local police did not have a birdcage so the felon was put behind a regular cell with bread and water.

No wonder, the Dutch are known for treating everyone equally!

Sharing the photo of the green and yellow bird seated in a cell, the Police Utrecht Centrum jokingly wrote, “This bird sat on the shoulder of the thief we arrested for shoplifting. As we don’t have a bird cage, this bird had no other place to stay than in a cell.”

As it was a petty theft, the police released the felon soon, along with with his feathery friend who promptly hopped back on his shoulder as the duo walked out of the station.

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