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Monday 25 April 2016

Bird of prey attacking members of the public along popular Furness walking route

19 April 2016 2:44PM

WALKERS are being warned about a swooping buzzard which has been targeting members of the public. 

A sign has been put up at the beginning of the Furness Railway line walk between Broughton and Coniston after a number of people have been attacked by a bird of prey. 

Andy Jackson was on the path on Saturday when his wife Toni was targeted by the buzzard. Mr Jackson, from Silecroft, said his wife, a Sellafield employee, was left with visible injuries after the bird swooped on her. 

"I was taking the dog for a walk and she was running, the bird just swooped down out of nowhere and attacked her, drawing blood on her head," Mr Jackson, a decorator, said. 

"Some of the people who came over after it happened said they've heard it's happened a few times, mainly to people who are jogging or running, and they've had to put a sign up warning people."

Louise Clews works in the Manor Arms pub in Broughton and said a number of people had been attacked by the bird in recent weeks. 

She said: "It has happened quite a few times, a lot of people in the village are talking about it, it's like Buzzardgate. 

"It only seems to be runners it has a problem with, maybe it's the lycra? But more than likely it's the running motion. 

"Apparently the buzzard has been here a while but it hasn't attacked people in previous years that we're aware of. But it's only runners it takes offence to, you're ok if you're just walking."

Wildlife expert and birdwatcher Joe Murphy, from Cumbria Wildlife Trust, said it was "very rare" for a bird of prey to attack a human. 

"I've never heard of anything like it," he said.

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