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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


16 Apr 2016 | 14:47pm
JAJARKOT, April 16: The endangered species of vultures that roam the north-eastern skies of Jajarkot have been pushed to the verge of extinction largely due to the locals' carefree activities.

The vultures that feed on animal carcasses which have been fed Diclofenac by farmers become vulnerable and finally die as this animal medicine Diclofenac works as poison for them.

The local residents have not been prodded with the sense of urgency to conserve the endangered species of bird in their localities.

The vultures have more than enough habitats and nests in Nayakwada, Sakla, Lanha and Ragda VDCs, but still the conservation efforts are facing difficulties.

A team from Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) led by Krishna Bhusal on April 14, 2013 had paid visits to these VDCs and counted the vultures after placing a carcass of a buffalo for them to eat.

During the count, the team came across 36 Himalayan vultures, two Hadey vultures, one White-rumped vulture and two Golden vultures.

BCN member, Govinda Bahadur Singh, said the nest of Hadey and White-rumped vultures were not found during the search.

Just two months ago seven dead vultures were spotted at different locations of these villages. The arbitrary deforestation and unscrupulous sparking of wildfires in the forests have led to impacting the habitats of the vultures. 

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