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Monday, 6 May 2019

Petition to remove peacocks from Northampton park attracts more than 400 signatures

Published: 15:28Monday 25 March 2019
A Northampton resident has won the support of hundreds of people in her efforts to free the caged peacocks in Abington Park.
The two birds, an Indian peafowl called Ghandi and a second, white peacock, are the latest in a long line of peacocks at the park stretching back on and off about 100 years.
But regular park visitor Charlotte Holmes has been moved to start a petition aimed at Northampton Borough Council to have the peacocks removed for the sake of their health.
The birds' cages have paving slab-style floors with no grass to graze on and little direct sunlight for most of the day. Peacocks living in the wild like to roost in trees but the park pair are unable to do so.
Charlotte , who labelled the birds' confinement "an embarrassment to our town" said: "To me the whole point of a peacock is strutting around with a big tail, looking magnificent.
"One of them is so stressed or whatever that they're missing a lot of their tail feathers. What's the point of keeping them like that?

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