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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Osprey Gets A Lift From Human Helpers

Born this spring, a juvenile osprey in Warrenton needed a little help getting back to its nest Wednesday.

The young bird of prey was discovered Tuesday in a yard near Alder Avenue and Southwest 16th Street, not far from its parents’ platform nest.

Sharnelle Fee, director of Wildlife Center of the North Coast, was contacted to come and take a look. She discovered that the bird’s feathers were just growing in and likely had glided to the ground in an attempt to fly. She and others monitored the osprey to see if it could take off.

“We were hoping he would fly, but his feathers haven’t grown out yet,” Fee said. “This one is a little behind.”

The osprey’s sibling and parents paid little attention to the situation. In an effort to keep the bird safe, it was placed on a woodshed over night. After the other ospreys continued to ignore the juvenile Wednesday, Fee said people decided to take action.

Melisa Colvin, a volunteer with the wildlife center for nearly three years, settled down the juvenile while Fee fed it an electrolyte solution and small whole fish. She suspected that it hadn’t eaten anything since Monday morning. However, they wanted to make sure it was able to still eat something.

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