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Sunday 19 October 2014

Conservationist Raising Funds To Help Survey Endangered Western Ground Parrot

Nicola McCaskill has a special interest in endangered birds, and wants to head out to The Fitzgerald River National Park to study the western ground parrot.

The western ground parrot (Pezoporus flaviventris) is an exceedingly rare bird. This Australian native is named for its tendency to stick close to the ground, even while in flight. Its status as an endangered species is the result of wildfires and non-native predators like feral cats. With only around 140 left in the wild, the conservation efforts of those like Nicola McCaskill have become extremely important.

McCaskill is an Australian conservationist with a special interest in endangered birds. "My education in Australian wildlife began with BARN, The Brisbane Animal Rescue Network,” she said. "I learned about native wild bird species and hand reared a clutch of magpies for release as well as another 'black-and-white' species, the currawong.” In addition, she also has volunteer experience with bird sanctuaries and is involved with different avicultural events.

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