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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bird sanctuary and eco-tourism spot in Corregidor Island planned

By Ellalyn B. De Vera
Published: April 7, 2013

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will establish a bird sanctuary and eco-tourism spot in Corregidor Island

DENR-Region 4A Executive Director Reynulfo Juan said the island will no longer be remembered just as a “battlefield” because it will soon be an eco-tourism destination for bird-watching.

Juan pursued the idea after a visit to Corregidor last year with Forestry experts to assess the forest situation and plan out forest rehabilitation efforts on the island as part of the Aquino administration’s National Greening Program (NGP).

An assessment by forester Manuel Escasura, then chief of the Forest Resources Development Division and concurrent Regional Coordinator of the NGP, showed that 200 hectares of originally forested area will be replanted with the forest and fruit bearing trees, which are endemic to the island, with a mix of other forest tree species and fruit bearing trees.

“We will plant fruit bearing trees which will serve as food for the birds. RED (regional executive director) Juan during his previous visit to the island last year, saw the need of introducing fruit and forest tree species that are more attractive to bird,” Escasura said, who has been designated early this year as OIC Regional Technical Director for Ecosystems Research and Development Service.

Juan said the team of forestry experts from the DENR-Region 4A will be conducting a more comprehensive surveying, mapping and planning for the forest rehabilitation and tree growing activity in the island.

He said initial discussions have been done with concerned agencies including the tourism business establishments in the area.

He noted that an agreement was forged Sunday (April 7) among the representatives of Corregidor Foundation, Inc. (CFI), Department of Agriculture (DA), and city government of Cavite for such an undertaking. Corregidor is part of the jurisdiction of Cavite City in the Cavite province.

“Initially, 50 trees will be planted in the selected area. The plantation area is preselected in consideration of its proximity to the tourism establishments and which will be tasked to take care and nurture the planted trees,” said forester William Palaypayon, DENR-Region 4A Regional Technical Director for Forest Management Service.

The forest and fruit tree seedlings, such as bignay (Antidesma bunius),  lipote  (Syzigium curanii), kalumpit (Terminalia edulis), aratiles (Muntingia calabura) and duhat (Syzigium cumini) were initially planted in the area.

“It is not yet the time to plant, not within the searing hot summer time. We are still in the stage of ‘production and hardening’ of seedlings and ‘plantation site preparation.’ Actual planting will commence at the onset of rain in June and July,” Palaypayon explained. 


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