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Thursday 4 April 2013

Large bird seen wandering through Beaver County returned to owner; viewer submitted photos inside

A large ostrich-looking bird that was wandering through Beaver County for most of Friday has been caught and returned to its owner.

Beaver County 911 officials said they received several calls Friday morning about the bird, which is called a rhea.

The bird’s owner, Beaver County farm owner Liz Low, said that the missing animal apparently got free by jumping a fence at her North Sewickley farm, where she has 11 other big birds, earlier this week.

According to National Geographic's website, rheas are "large South American birds that roam the open pampas and sparse woodlands of Argentina and Brazil."

"The greater rhea is the largest of all South American birds and is related to ostriches and emus. These flightless birds use their long, powerful legs to outrun trouble. Although their large wings are useless for flight, they are used for balance and for changing direction as the bird runs."

North Sewickley Township police said the bird -- believed to be about 5 feet tall and 80 pounds -- remained at large Friday morning until a pastor at Concord Church came up with an idea to capture it.

According to police, the pastor had a bucket of feed and worked together with other church members to capture it. Those who helped secure the bird said they named him “Kevin.”

Low said she is happy to have her bird back at the farm and fenced in with the other 11 birds. She believes the bird got loose when it got spooked and jumped the fence.

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