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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Doing bird! Escaped emu is bundled into police car after causing chaos during rush-hour

A four-foot emu was caught running through a town and trying to get into people's homes during rush-hour today.

Devon and Cornwall Police were called to Barnstaple in north Devon after the flightless bird, Betty, was spotted roaming the streets near Pilton Park.

Acting Sergeant Zoe Parnell and PCSO Stephen Huxtable stopped the 'panicked' emu at around 8am and managed to get it into a police car with only a few ruffled feathers.

A police spokesman said: 'Although the bird was in a state of panic they managed to coax it into the rear of the police car and call the owner.'

PC Parnell said she had had 'the most surreal day ever' and had 'thought it was a bit of a wind-up' when she got the call.

She said: 'I received call saying a 4ft ostrich was on the loose. But when I arrived at the scene to check it out, I could see this bird running up and down the street. It was trying to get into people’s houses.

'Obviously it was finding that difficult, and would try the next one.

'All the residents were trying take pictures, he seemed quite happy.

'I must admit that while I’m not normally scared of birds, I was a bit nervous with this one.'

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