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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Petar Yankov: Many interesting bird species have appeared in past days in Poda protected

area19 May 2015 | 18:24 | Radio FOCUS – Burgas

FOCUS: Could you tell us what interesting bird species visitors to the Poda protected area can see this season?

Petar Yankov: There are many interesting bird species that have come in the past days to the Poda protected area, which is managed by the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds. 12 greater flamingos flew over the northern part of Poda 2 days ago and almost perched. Unfortunately, there was a poacher’s boat in the Bay of Soros, which they flew over several times and attempted to perch but continued to fly in a northern direction. I suppose they headed towards Lake Atanasovsko, where they could also find very favourable conditions. The greater flamingo is not the only exotic bird returning to Poda. We have watched a bird which disappeared from Bulgaria as a nesting one in 1995 for over a month near the centre of the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds. This is the red-crested pochard, which is very beautiful, especially males. We watched two couples and seeing them with their young in days or weeks would be great news. This means the species returned and makes nests after being absent for nearly 20 years.

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