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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Egrets' nests sighted in Etawah wetlands

Photo: from Wikipedia

KANPUR: Bird watchers have reason to cheer as six nests of the state bird sarus containing three chicks and two eggs have been sighted by forest department personnel, ornithologists and wildlife activists in the wetlands of Etawah district.

The nests of the bird, Sarus (Grus Antigone), were spotted by volunteers of the Society for Conservation of Nature in the wetlands in Bandha area of the district. SCON members, along with a team of forest department, visited the spot and took pictures of the Sarus nests, eggs and chicks.

Society secretary Rajiv Chauhan told TOI: "At one such nesting site situated among the tall weeds, an adult sarus was found guarding its single egg from predators. The bird, known for ferocious attacks on anyone trying to steal its eggs, was behaving as per its nature. When a team tried to click some photos, it attacked the lensmen several times before making a loud call that signals danger."

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More information on Sarus Crane (Grus antigone):

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