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Sunday 20 April 2014

'Fowl' discovery: Bird leg found inside unopened spinach bag

Shopper waiting for explanation from Dole
Bob Jones,
Apr 18, 2014
17 hours ago

WADSWORTH, Ohio - An Ohio woman, who eats a salad nearly every day and makes spinach smoothies, has lost her appetite for her favorite vegetable after making a "fowl" discovery.

Inside an unopened bag of Dole spinach, Rose Carducci, 28, found what appears to be the leg of a bird with feathers still attached.

"As I started looking some more, I saw what looked like nails, like talons and realized, 'Oh my Gosh, this is part of a bird and was horrified." Carducci said.

The mother of two children ordered her groceries online from Buehler's in Wadsworth on Monday.

She's grateful that she never opened the package because she could have easily missed the bird part.

"If I would have found it making a smoothie or in a salad, I don't know what I would have done."

Dave Cleckner, Buehler's manager, said the store was alarmed by the discovery and contacted their wholesaler, Caito Foods out of Indiana.

Cleckner said store workers also inspected other similar produce on the shelves.

"It definitely was a concern for us, so that's why we looked at our product. We did not find anything on our end," Cleckner said.

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