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Monday 28 April 2014

Kitchener couple devastated by death of pet emu

KITCHENER — A stolen tool could be replaced or a broken window repaired, but the emu Monika Sztrama and Joel Vautour of Kitchener raised since it was 14 days old is irreplaceable.

The two were in disbelief Monday after one of two cherished pet emus died amid the chaos caused after someone broke the lock off the birds' pen at the couple's urban farm on Bridge Street East.

The two-year-old emus made their way through the neighbourhood, with police in pursuit.

"You go home and you think, 'OK I tucked them in all good because they're locked up' and then you come back to this and that's the heartbreaking thing for us," Sztrama said.

No one is certain what caused the bird's death. Police said it collapsed in front of officers who were pursuing it.

The couple bought the property about three years ago and care for a number of animals including pigs, ducks, chickens, goats, sheep and a horse. It's zoned agricultural.

They long for a country home and view the approximately one-acre lot as a starter.

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