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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Rare long-legged Buzzard continues its onward journey North

The rare visitor, a long-legged Buzzard roosted for the second night at an undisclosed area in North Western part of Malta. This majestic large raptor soared high early on Saturday morning and headed north towards Gozo.

The Government said that the bird was observed circling over Qala in Gozo, before continuing on its onward journey North.

Officials from the Wild Birds Regulation Unit, who monitored the bird’s location throughout its stay, ALE officers who patrolled the area, Birdlife Malta volunteers, who maintained watch and provided information to the authorities, as well as members of the FKNK, who alerted the authorities regarding the bird’s presence, bade the bird farewell as it continued on its northward migration.

The Government added that flocks of other protected birds were also observed over past few days at various locations throughout the Maltese Islands. These birds were also seen proceeding on their northward journey.

The Government praised all law enforcement officers, volunteers from Birdlife Malta and the FKNK for their efforts in ensuring a safe passage for migrating protected birds. “High level of cooperation between the authorities and NGOs, including hunting organisations and environmental NGOs is a key ingredient of success of enforcement in the field,” the Government said.

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