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Friday, 6 May 2016

Mating peacocks cause mayhem as 'evil' birds attack cars and foul streets in night rampage

Tom Wilkinson
PUBLISHED26/04/2016 | 11:51

People living in Ushaw Moor, outside Durham, claim the birds are roaming loose and "causing mayhem" by fouling the streets and scratching vehicles with their claws and beaks when they see their reflection in the paintwork.

Now fed-up residents have started a petition to demand action is taken about the peacocks and peahens which they say have been causing problems for six years.

Graham Bridge started the petition on the site and it has been backed with more than 100 signatures.

Self-employed in financial services, Mr Bridge works from home and can hear the birds screeching through the day.

And at night, they sit on roofs and call out to each other, disturbing the 4,000 villagers.

"Sleep to me is the number one nuisance, to a degree you can live with the other things," he said.

The peacocks also scratch and peck cars, convinced their reflection in the paintwork is a rival bird.

Mr Bridge said a local resident 's car was attacked so violently the peacock left blood on the vehicle.

"I think the peacock saw it as a threat so it attacked the car, so much so that you could see blood, presumably from its beak.

"It's ridiculous."

A further nuisance for Ushaw Moor residents is the muck the roaming birds leave, which can easily be trodden into a carpet.

"It is evil stuff," Mr Bridge said.

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  1. Are they feral then, or just a thoughtless peacock keeper here? Ax