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Friday, 26 April 2013

Homeward bound: Bird reunites with master after five years

This is a tale of love. 

Er, excuse me. This is a tale of Love Love. 

That’s the name of a scarlet macaw bird named Spike — nicknamed Love Love — who was separated half a decade ago from his master. 

How Mike Taylor of Great Falls got his bird back was thanks to work by a dedicated bird sanctuary, helpful friends and relatives and a sprinkling of good luck and coincidence. 

Plus, it helped that Love Love hates women. 

Sunday afternoon, Taylor was reunited with Love Love in Butte at Montana’s Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary. 

During the last five years, Love Love might have been put up for adoption but for the fact that he attacks women who try to hold her, said Lori McAlexander, executive director of the sanctuary. 

“I don’t even handle him because he will bite me,” McAlexander said. Still, she had a pretty good relationship with Love Love, even if she kept her distance from him for safety’s sake. 

“He plays peekaboo,” she said. 

Love Love might have spent the rest of his life — macaws can live up to half a century, according to the San Diego Zoo — pining for Taylor. 

But let’s go back to where this all started — more than five years ago, when Taylor and his then-fiancee decided to rescue a scarlet macaw from a Utah shelter. 

“We adopted the bird together out of Salt Lake City,” Taylor said in an interview. It was something of a wedding present from his future wife to Taylor. 

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